Seller FAQ

Who can apply to the Pure Derry Market?

The Pure Derry Market is open to both makers and sellers in, from or connected to Derry and the surrounding area.

If you are an artist, designer or maker, an already established business, selling quality goods, you are most welcomed to sell on the PDM, provided your goods are of good quality, they are presented in a appealing manner and they are deemed suitable for sale on the market. (aka. Not gonna get us in bother) 

Have a look at the How It Works section on our 'Join' site to learn more.

    How do I register as a seller?

    Get on over to the Apply to Join  page and make a request.

    If approved we will send you over the welcome pack with all the details needed to create your account and manage your store.  

    How do I get my products onto the PDM once approved?

    One approved you can add products, setup your shipping and access your order history on our seller control panel.  You will have ability to manage your store front and take ownership of almost every aspect of your presence on the market. 

    Why wasn't my application approved?

    If your application is not approved some reasons may include:

    1. We aren't convinced there's a track record of sales/interest
    2. Your images and presentation are not at the standard we want
    3. You are trying to use the market place for a purpose for which it's not currently setup (i.e. promoting services)

    There may be other reasons too and we're always happy to provide feedback. 

    How much does it cost?

    To see our prices visit 

    What do I do if I charge VAT?

    If you charge VAT then we presume by default that your final product prices on the marketplace are also inclusive of VAT.   VAT will not be displayed in an itemised format, but your VAT returns are your own responsibility and so you should price your items accordingly to include your VAT contributions. (If you don't charge VAT then it's not a concern)

    The Pure Derry Market is merely an intermediary for selling products for third-parties and we do not hold, handle or dispatch any products and thurs are not liable for VAT on sales of products - only on the commission we take.  

    How will I get paid?

    We'll pay you directly into your bank account every 14 days or so - minus our fee - less any of your refunds.